I'll post photos of my "journey" here.... :)

I finished the Surgical Services Internship!

I am now a Registered Nurse!
I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions!

I'm officially listed as a GN with the TX Board of Nursing!
Next is to pass the NCLEX!

I've finally graduated! What a relief!!!!

I definitely earned my Nursing pin!
(Although, ECC doesn't give their Spring grads a Pinning Ceremony....SHAME ON THEM!!)

This is part of my official employment offer! I accepted a position as an OR-RN-Intern!!
One month into my final semester...what a relief it was to not have to worry about job hunting!!

This is my nametag. LOL
It made it all a little more real that I was a Nursing Student!
Whew....putting that thing away in the memory box now! LOL

This is part of my acceptance letter!!!
I received it on Good Friday, April 14, 2006!
I was so happy to be an official Student Nurse for Fall '06!

This is part of my denial letter received 10-18-05.
Not a happy note, but none the less part of my journey.
I know I have came so much farther this time
just by applying, therefore, even a denial is something
I can be proud of. It just motivated me more!

Las Colinas Medical Center
Thank you and HCA Cares for the scholarship!!!!
This is where I interviewed for the scholarship.

This is part of my acceptance letter into the
HCA Cares Scholarship Program! :)

Kaylee (9) and Kirsten (15).
My girls are definitely a big motivation!
They support me 100%.

This is Kaylee on Career Day. (1st grade)
She wanted to dress up like a Nurse!
She has on a old lab coat of mine.
I also made her an ID badge to wear.

My husband, Alan. :)
This would all be impossible without his help!

This is me! :)

Student Nurse Merchandise!

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